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C Camp

Champions Camp

Champions camp is an annual camp meeting for youth/adolescents between 12 and 18 years in high schools in Ghana. PAAF partners with junior high and senior high schools to select students who need career guidance that they may not necessarily get at home or school to participate in the camp meeting. We invite successful men and women from academia, business, media and all other sectors to inspire and mentor the youth/adolescents.

Why the Champions Camp

The period of adolescence is an important phase in human development. A lot has changed about adolescent and the world in which they live however, the fundamentals of adolescent development and what they need to thrive have not changed. Champion Camp offers a well-supervised and safe social environment with a fun, packed experiences, exploration of new activities, and age-appropriate challenge that adolescents need to grow and gain confidence.

We provide opportunities of getting to meet, interact, understand, and learn with and from hundreds of adolescents as well as resources persons and other stakeholders. Also, the Champion Camp helps to establish a set of major factors that are necessary to our camper’s success both in and out of camp. We will assign a mentor to each camper to help them in their academic and career path