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Knowledge and Access Power (KAP) Initiative

The increasing rates of teenage pregnancy has become a concern to policymakers and other stakeholders in Ghana. According to the Ghana Health Service about 110,000 girls between 10 and 19 years got pregnant in 2020. This problem can be linked to limited access to unmet needs of comprehensive contraception care and education among adolescents. The few who know about emergency contraceptive pills abuse them. For example, girls and young women were reported to have been using emergency contraceptive pills as regular oral contraceptives and others use the oral contraceptives as a weight gaining product. Access to contraceptives is a right for all adolescents but this right cannot be fully realized without access to comprehensive contraception care and education.
The KAP APP is an adolescent reproductive health education app that focuses on contents Unintended Pregnancies, Contraceptives and Contraception, Menstruation, Consequences Of Unprotected Sex, Puberty and Changes During Adolescence, Ovulation etc.
Participants on the app will have access to the above-mentioned contents. Prior to accessing the contents, knowledge of users on selected topics will be tested by providing answers to questions that will be asked. Participants will be awarded marks for the answers provided which are redeemable in airtime on any network. Having gone through this phase of unlocking the content, another set of questions will be asked after successfully studying the content. Marks are awarded for answers provided, to be redeemed in airtime on any network (The manual provides guidance on how airtime can be redeemed).

The app also provides a marketplace where contraceptives and other medications can be ordered for. The customer has the ability to select the options between pick-up or delivery of items ordered.

A user on the app has the ability to interact with other users by communicating with them via text while they are online.

The manual provides step-by-step guidance oh how to access all materials on the KAP APP.

KAP will also have a feature for users to upload prescriptions for contraceptive when necessary as well as an interface that enables users to order contraceptive from pharmacies, chemical shops and retail outlets and have it delivered to them through ride/bike-hailing services

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KAP Initiative is funded by the Government of Canada under the Grand Challenges Canada